Membrane Roof Replacement

Keep your home safe and dry with a new membrane roof

Is it time to replace your membrane roof ?

All products have a useable life and eventually require replacement - membrane roofs and gutters are no different. A leaking roof or membrane gutter can have catastrophic consequences by allowing water to enter and damage the structure of your home.

Typically, the roofs we are refurbishing are over 20 years old and have single layer torch-on membranes or butynol gutters. We often find the roof structure and gutter designs have been set up with insufficient falls and surface water is pooling on the roof rather than flowing to the outlets. Many older roofs were constructed with sparse structural support, thin plywood substrates and poorly detailed outlets - all of which contribute to shortening the usable life of the membrane roof. 

There are no short-cuts when it comes to replacing a membrane roof if you want to make sure your new roof is going to perform and meet the new membrane warranty requirements. Typically, our roof membrane replacement projects involve the following:

  • Install scaffold structure to support shrinkwrap weather protection
  • Remove any cladding and cap flashings required
  • Remove the existing membrane and substrate
  • Bring the roof structure up to the current building code 
  • Create the correct falls to the drainage outlets (flat roof areas and gutters)
  • Fix new H3.2 plywood 19mm substrate
  • Install any saddle flashings, drip edges and other detailing required
  • Install membrane compatible drainage system with emergency overflows 
  • Install the new waterproofing membrane
  • Reinstate cladding (plaster and paint if required)
  • Install new metal cap flashings to parapets 


There are a number of trades involved to replace a membrane roof with the majority of the work being the building work required to bring the underlying structure up to the current standard. 

So who do you call to undertake this type of work? 

We have extensive experience replacing roof membranes and have all the trades in place to carry out this work seamlessly. Having had extensive experience remediating leaking roof designs, we know the options to resolve problematic details and offer our clients the benefit of our expertise to ensure the right outcome. 

If you need to replace your roof membrane, call us on (09) 479 8901 or visit us at our office / showroom at 19A Triton Drive, Albany. 

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