Textured Fibre Cement Sheet Repairs

What is Textured Fibre Cement Sheet Cladding?

Typically, textured fibre cement sheet cladding systems were constructed with a fibre cement sheet nail fixed to timber framing and textured with a single coat of acrylic or cementitious plaster.

In the early days, the fibre cement sheet was butt jointed without any reinforcement of the joins. When fibre cement sheet with rebated edges became available, the sheet joins could be mesh reinforced and flushed before the board was texture coated.

Often, where acrylic texture was applied without any paint coatings.  

Problems with Textured Fibre Cement Sheet Cladding

Of all the plaster cladding systems we repair and maintain, we have found direct fixed textured fibre cement sheet cladding and solid plaster (sand/cement) systems to be most at risk of developing moisture ingress problems. The most common problems with textured fibre cement sheet cladding systems include:

Poor installation of fibre cement sheets
Understrength single-mesh jointing systems
Lack of control joints to accommodate movement
Poorly installed flashing details
Poorly fixed profile bands
Lack of waterproofing

The fibre cement sheet itself is not the cause of these problems. The issues are related to poor design, inadequate component combinations and bad workmanship - most of which was caused by a lack of industry knowledge and understanding about weathertightness issues.

Does Your Textured Fibre Cement Sheet Cladding Require Repair?

We specialise in repairing and refurbishing texture fibre cement sheet cladding systems utilising modern acrylic reinforced renders in combination with retrofitting detail solutions we have developed over the years to ensure weathertightness and performance of the refurbished plaster system.

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