Sto Plaster Systems

Building With Conscience

Winner of the Gold Award at the 2022 Master Build Awards - $4m plus Category

Allied Exteriors is the biggest installer of Sto Plaster Systems in the Auckland Region providing Sto Plaster Solutions to residential and commercial new build projects.

Our Exterior Plastering Division is well experienced with Sto Plaster Systems as Sto Plaster installations constitute around 75% of our exterior plastering work.

Allied Exteriors also pioneered the use of the Sto Armat Remedial Plaster System for refurbishing aging and failing plaster cladding systems and plastered facades. Having refurbished hundreds of plastered residential homes and commercial buildings over the last 10 years, we have built up a huge amount of specialist expertise and experience with this type of remedial plastering work.    

We offer a 20 Year Sto Assurance Warranty on new exterior Sto Plaster System installations and we provide an annual warranty maintenance service to help you look after your home.

Allied Exteriors is a licensed and approved applicator for Sto Plaster Systems including:

    • StoLite Plaster System 
    • StoTherm Insulation 
    • StoArmat Plaster System 
    • StoArmat Miral Plaster Systems 
    • StoTherm Masonry Insulation 
    • StoStucco Plaster System 
    • StoPoren Brick System 
    • StoPoren Panel System