Residential Refurbishment

Sto Armat Remedial Plaster - Roof Membrane Replacement - New Joinery & Flashings

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Full Exterior Cladding Refurbishment

Our clients owned a direct fixed (i.e. non-cavity) solid plaster home in Mission Bay and wanted to explore the options for future proofing their home.

They wanted to continue living in their home for the foreseeable future but did not want to borrow the funds required for a full reclad and be burdened with the ongoing finance costs. That said, our clients wanted to be sure their home was watertight and would not not deteriorate as a result of moisture ingress through high risk construction details or aging building materials. A modern colour scheme and upgrade to double glazed joinery was also on the wish list.  

Being proactive about preventative maintenance, our client had MDU Probes installed into their home so they could monitor the moisture levels in their external walls and ensure any issues were identified before substantial damage occurred.   

After discussing the range of possibilities, our clients settled on the following scope of work:

  • Full replacement of the aging roof membrane with a double layer torch-on membrane and stainless steel scupper outlets through the parapet walls.
  • New aluminium cap flashings to the parapet wall tops.
  • Installation of new double glazed joinery with two-piece under sill tray flashings to provide secondary protection from any moisture issues around the joinery penetrations.
  • Installation of proper saddle flashings at the parapet/wall junctions.
  • Installation of the Sto Armat Remedial Plaster System to provide much improved waterproofing and resistance to cracking (cement based solid plaster is very prone to cracking over time).
  • New waterproofing to a small deck and redesign of the handrails to provide an improved waterproofing detail. 

The new roof membrane comes with a 15 Year Warranty and the Sto Remedial Plaster System comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

All of this work was completed for less than half the cost of a full reclad and allows our clients to sleep easy at night knowing their home is completely weathertight. With the MDU Probe System installed, they will be able to establish a documented history of cladding performance. This documentation will be a great benefit when they do finally decide to sell as prospective purchasers will be able to know they are buying a well maintained and dry home. 

If you would like to know more about the possible repair options for your home, contact us on (09) 479 8901 or call into our office / showroom at 19A Triton Drive, Albany.