Mt Eden Central Remand Prison had been suffering from leaky building problems since its original construction in the 1990's. The building was constructed of precast concrete and solid poured concrete walls. Moisture was entering the building structure through poorly waterproofed joinery openings, fractures in the concrete construction, the precast panel joints and poor waterproofing details around the base of the structure. 

Eventually, after some piecemeal attempts to fix the leaky building issues, the Government concluded a comprehensive remedial solution was required. Opus Consultants Ltd and Weathertightness Consultant Mark Hazelhurst were tasked with designing the remedial solution and specifying the products required to achieve a watertight building.

The Sto Armat Remedial Plaster System was specified to waterproof 6000m2 of precast and solid poured concrete walls along with the Sto Jointing System to waterproof 2600 metres of precast panel and solid poured concrete joints.

Allied Exteriors was contracted by Arrow International to install the Sto Remedial Plaster System and the Sto Jointing System. The quantities involved in the project were huge (2400 buckets of Sto Plaster, 5200 metres of stainless steel compression bar installed with 36,000 fixings drilled into the precast and solid poured walls) especially having regard to the 12 week program imposed.

In 2013, Allied Exteriors completed this contract within the 12 week program and Mt Eden Remand Prison for the first time is dry and weathertight.